Microsoft Dreamspark

The IT Department is excited to announce that we have subscribed to a three-year term for the new Microsoft DreamSpark Premium subscription program. This program grants students and faculty access to Microsoft software downloads at low or no cost for academic related use. This program replaces the old MSDNAA program that previously existed. 


Argos Report Training

Argos is a powerful reporting solution designed for everyone from novice users to the most seasoned technical experts.  Training sessions are designed to illustrate the features of the product, show how to access the support resources and familiarize different types of users with their capabilities in Argos through hands-on training.

Secure Password Creation

Secure Password Creation

Passwords that are set to something that is convenient to remember are usually a target for scams. Be aware that if your account is compromised, your personal information is also compromised.  Please keep everyone’s security in mind when setting a password.

APEL Publications


  1. Hua Bai, “Design of A High-Efficiency Minimum-Torque-Ripple 12V/1kW 3-Phase BLDC Motor Drive System for Diesel Engine Emissions Reductions”,  accepted by IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2014.
  2. Chenguang Jiang, Chen Duan and Hua Bai, “Design of A Zero-Voltage-Switching Large-Air-Gap Wireless Charger with Low Electrical Stress for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles”, IET Power Electronics, vol.6, no.9, 2013, pp. 1742 – 17

Prep for Success

Prep for Success - The Program for Accepted Students

Kettering University invites you to attend one of our Prep for Success Programs. These special events are designed to get you ready to make the most of your Kettering education. A great day is planned and you will:

How & Why

HLC Accreditation Process

The North Central Association (NCA) is an organization of colleges and universities from nineteen states, including Michigan. Kettering University is a member of the North Central Association.