Co-op Employers

Our Co-op Employers

What follows is a listing of companies which currently employ or have employed Kettering University computer science students as co-ops. This list is not exclusive; new employers are continually being added to this list. (The absence of a particular employer or a particular location from this list may simply be the result of a lack of students seeking employment in that geographic area.)

Employers of Current Students

Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objectives

  • ABET Accreditation LogoComputer Science graduates will have sufficient depth of understanding of the fundamental areas of computer science to enable them for success in today’s workplace.
  • Computer Science graduates will have sufficient breadth of understanding to enable continued professional development

Unique Attributes

Unique Attributes:

Computer science degrees are offered at many universities, but the Kettering program offers unique advantages:

  • CS students start taking CS courses as first-semester students and get involved in their chosen field right away. The experience helps students determine quickly if CS is the right field for them. (This is not uniform practice; at many other universities, CS students don't encounter their first CS course until their second year.) 
  • CS students have a great deal of choice and flexibility in their curriculum.