Co-op Employers

The Electrical and Computer Engineering programs at Kettering University is the only undergraduate program in the country that requires their students to spend at least five (5) co-op terms working in their field of study.  Our students bring innovative talents to employers to apply their knowledge in areas of research, development, and production.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Minor

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the design, development, and application of computer systems. The Computer Engineering (CE) program at Kettering University focuses on embedded-computer systems, in which a computer chip, module, or circuit board is built into a larger product or system.

Co-op Employers

Our Co-op Employers

What follows is a listing of companies which currently employ or have employed Kettering University computer science students as co-ops. This list is not exclusive; new employers are continually being added to this list. (The absence of a particular employer or a particular location from this list may simply be the result of a lack of students seeking employment in that geographic area.)

Employers of Current Students