Electronic Forms

Grade Change - This electronic version of the grade change form allows you to fill out student grade changes and creates a duplicate copy for your records.  The form print button will print out both copies on one sheet, and the reset form button allows you to quickly clear the form to enter the next grade change.

Undergraduate Degrees/Programs

Program Overview

The Mechanical Engineering program prepares students for a broad range of careers associated with the design and implementation of mechanical systems and with the conversion, transmission, and utilization of energy. The degree program is 161 academic credits; with 157 credits of course work and a 4-credit Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE) project.  The course work is normally taken over nine 11-week terms and is distributed as follows:

Labs & Facilities

KetteringUniversityhas several computing laboratories housing many state of the art UNIX and PC-based servers and workstations. These facilities provide a full range of compilers, powerful mathematical and statistical analysis programs, graphics programs, computer-aided graphics, and word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Most of Kettering University's computing labs are accessible to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most dorms, fraternities, and sororities also have computers connected to Kettering University's intranet.