Data Governance Committee

Data Governance Committee

The IT department is leading an effort on campus to ensure data integrity and provide a uniform understanding of data across the organization.  This will allow us to leverage the reporting tool, Argos, and provide reports that allow for data driven decisions.  The following is a summary of what the team is working towards.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Kettering University supports a number of research opportunities for undergraduates.  A student may be sponsored to work on a project in a research lab during the school term or the work term.  The Center for Culminating Undergraduate Experiences (CCUE) provides an opportunity for students to conduct research work for completion of a thesis.  Interested students should talk with sponsoring faculty in his/her degree department, the CCUE office, or t

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Any student or employee at Kettering University is welcome to submit an event to the web calendar that appears on the home page, Current Students, and Faculty & Staff pages as well as other areas within 

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Mission and Vision


The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering curriculum prepares students to tackle practical industrial/business related problems and to plan, design, implement, manage, and continuously improve productive and quality integrated manufacturing and service delivery systems. The goal of the Industrial Engineering program within the IME department is to prepare students to become professional industrial engineers so as to