Microsoft DreamSpark

Microsoft DreamSpark

DreamSpark Premium (formerly MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)) is a Microsoft program available to Kettering University students.  Students and faculty can acquire licensed copies of Microsoft software such as Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio and other products.  The software can be used in coursework and personal non-commercial projects. Students may continue to use these products for non-commercial purposes, even after they graduate.

Co-op Experiences

Co-op & Experiential Learning

Kettering students benefit both monetarily and experientially by being employed by one of Kettering’s many co-op companies. Many of our majors are offered permanent employment by our co-op sponsors. Some decide to pursue graduate or medical school. Kettering students alternate between taking classes for 3 months and then they are off to work for 3 months giving them 2.5 years of work experience upon graduation.


Chemistry and Biochemistry Minors

Minor in Chemistry 

  • General Chemistry I (Chem 137) or Principles of Chemistry (Chem 135)
  • Principles of Chemistry Lab (Chem 136)
  • General Chemistry II (Chem 237)
  • General Chemistry II Lab (Chem 238)
  • Organic Chemistry I (Chem 345)
  • Organic Chemistry