Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering Concentration

The MSE – Manufacturing Engineering program prepares you to be a technical leader in the vast world of manufacturing. You will develop skills and knowledge in advanced topical areas that are critical to the engineer.


Completion of 40 credits.

Required courses

Select ten of the following offerings.

Our Co-op Employers

Industrial Engineers (IEs) fromKetteringUniversityare educated in all of the primary fields within the discipline. Freshman are taught basic manufacturing processes and materials. Sophomores are taught engineering economics. Juniors learn statistics, work design, and fundamentals of operations research. Seniors learn workplace ergonomics, facility design, supply chain and logistics engineering, and quality assurance. The program has a capstone course where students work in teams to solve industrial problems.

Co-op Employers

The Electrical and Computer Engineering programs at Kettering University is the only undergraduate program in the country that requires their students to spend at least five (5) co-op terms working in their field of study.  Our students bring innovative talents to employers to apply their knowledge in areas of research, development, and production.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Minor

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the design, development, and application of computer systems. The Computer Engineering (CE) program at Kettering University focuses on embedded-computer systems, in which a computer chip, module, or circuit board is built into a larger product or system.