Economics Minor

Economics is the social science that deals with the production, allocation, and use of goods and services among individuals and/or societies. It’s a terrific complement to the engineering disciplines—especially as the world shrinks and competition for goods and services becomes more global.  

The Economics minor consists of four courses. These are foundational courses, such as Introduction to Econometrics and Comparative Economic Systems. Special topic courses and independent study are also available.

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Mission Statement

The Department of Liberal Studies imparts knowledge and concepts essential to the general education of students, and seeks to promote intellectual inquiry and effective communication. Its courses help students gain understanding of themselves, their cultural heritage, and human societies.

Humanities Art Center and Gallery

The Humanities Art Center and Gallery, located on the fourth floor of the Academic Building, holds a permanent collection of over 350 pieces. There are a number of special exhibits each year. A variety of media are represented including paintings, photographs, sculpture, and ceramics.  In the past the Department of Liberal Studies has hosted student art shows and Visiting Artist programs.  For more information on the Humanities Arts Center and Gallery, contact Dr. Karen Wilkinson at  

Global Issues Film Festival

The Department of Liberal Studies has been a proud sponsor of the Global Issues Film Festival since its inception.  Free and open to the public, the film festival brings provocative films to Flint including the work of independent filmmakers from around the world, representing a variety of voices and viewpoints. Now in its eighth year, it began as an exploration of contemporary social and moral issues through the Human Rights Watch Traveling Film Festival hosted by the Department of Liberal Studies.

Flint Area Public Affairs Debates

Kettering University is a co-sponsor of the Flint Area Public Affairs Debates, a program devoted to promoting public understanding of critical political and social issues. Since its founding in 1986 by local educational institutions, a member of the Department of Liberal Studies has represented the university on the planning committee.

Albert Sobey Lectures on Leadership and Ethics

The Albert Sobey Lectures on Leadership and Ethics, formerly the Thompson Lectures on Leadership and Ethics, brings speakers to campus to promote understanding of a variety of issues related to leadership and ethics.  The lectures are of particular interest to students in the Liberal Studies capstone course, Senior Seminar:  Leadership, Ethics, and Contemporary Issues, in which students actively participate in analyzing and evaluating pressing workplace and global issues that confront all citizens and focus on the ethical demands placed on leaders.  The lectures are

Liberal Studies Course List

Liberal Studies Course List


ART 305 - Art: Styles and Aesthetics

CHN 101 - Beginning Chinese I

CHN 102 - Beginning Chinese II

CHN 103 - Beginning Chinese III

COMM 101 - Written & Oral Communication I

COMM 301 - Written & Oral Communication II

COMM 311 - Rhetorical Principles of Persuasion

COMM 313 - Rhetorical Principles of Public Speaking



Harvard National Model United Nations Conference (February 16-19, 2012)

With financial support from the Office of the Provost and the Thompson Chair of Leadership Studies, seven students from Kettering University’s Model United Nations Club attended the Harvard National Model United Nations conference. They joined over 3,000 students from some 170 different schools from nearly 40 different countries.  Kettering was one of the very few STEM specialty universities competing in this prestigious event.