Alternate Class Schedule B

Alternate Class Schedule B

Effective: April 2, 2015

Alternate Class Schedule B is subject to activation under the University’s existing alternate academic scheduling procedure and may be amended/modified/superseded (on a case by case basis) through that procedure if/as special circumstances warrant. 


Normal Time (60 min)

Delay Period



Detailed graduation information is available on the Office of the Registrar website. This information includes important deadlines and eligibility requirements. Students should review this information carefully to ensure successful completion of the graduation process.

Kettering University awards degrees at the conclusion of each term; summer, fall, winter and spring.

Guide to Residence Life

The information contained in the Guide to Residence Life reflects the rules, policies and services of the Office of Residence Life at Kettering University. While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to modify rules, policies, services and any other matter without prior notice. Residence hall refers to all on-campus facilities (Thompson Hall).

Financial Literacy

Recently the Financial Aid Office teamed up with Kettering's Academic Council to offer lunch time Financial Literacy Presentations. We received positive feedback from these presentations and wanted to make the information available to all students and families.

Financial Literacy topics covered include:

Math-099 Calculus Preparation Essentials

What is Math-099 Calculus Preparation Essentials (offered in the summer)?

What is Math-099 Calculus Preparation Essentials?  

MATH-099 is an online, web-based, five week math course offered to students that want to earn the opportunity to be enrolled into MATH-101X rather than MATH-100. The Five week course offers an intensive refresher on many aspects of pre-calculus mathematics. The Kettering University instructor will help the student to link these pre-calculus concepts to their application in Calculus.

Upgraded Video Streaming Platform

Upgraded Video Streaming Platform

Over the next few months we are implementing a series of student-focused improvements and exciting enhancements to our Graduate Program as a result of feedback from our students. These upcoming changes are intended to streamline various processes and to implement an innovative educational delivery system that leverages state-of-the-art technology and instructional design.

Strategic Goals for Academic Affairs

Strategic Goals for Academic Affairs

  • Offer a range of undergraduate and master’s-level degree and non-degree academic programs that are recognized for their experience, responsiveness to the needs of society, and attractive to prospective students.
  • Empower learning in a student-centered environment characterized by effective teaching and learning, responsive academic support services, engaging co-curricular activities, enriching student-life experiences, and first-rate learning, living, and recreational facilities.
  • Expand knowledge as a community of scholars th