Student Senate A-Section 2012


Meeting Times & Locations

Public Relations Committee: Monday 6:30-7:30pm in the Great Court

Safety Committee: Tuesday 11am-12pm in the Great Court

Campus Engagement: Tuesday 5-6pm in the Great Court

Executive Board: Thursday 1:20-2:20pm in the KSG office

Delta Force Committee: Friday 9-10am in the Great Court

President:                                             Bryan Coburn                      cobu1883@kettering.edu

Vice President:                                   Meredith Brassell                bras5075@kettering.edu

Administrator:                                     Emily Thompson                 thom8560@kettering.edu

Multicultural Representative:          Michelle Figueroa

Senior Representatives:                  Mike Schreiber                      schr4389@kettering.edu

                                                               Don Ebben                            ebbe8674@kettering.edu

Junior Representatives:                  Nigel Schuh                          schu9215@kettering.edu

                                                               David Richelson                  rich7303@kettering.edu

Sophomore Representative:          John Oliver                            oliv9240@kettering.edu

                                                              Mallika Wadhawan            Wadh5187@kettering.edu  

Freshman Representatives:          Maria Goodpaster               good3367@kettering.edu

                                                               Alan Turner                           turn9729@kettering.edu