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Rob Fisher

Brief Biography:

My name is Rob Fisher and I am a freshman at Kettering University. The reason I decided to attend this school is because of the great education and unmatched opportunities that will set me apart from other graduates in 4 and a half years. I believe one of those opportunities is running for Freshmen Representative. I think I would be a great class representative and asset to Student Senate because of my ambition, charisma and willingness to bring new ideas to the table. I’m a great listener and would love hear new ideas from my classmates and be the bridge between our class and faculty.


1. Involvement

High school:

Lacrosse and Football: 2010, 2011

Helped to start up the first art club: 2013

Community Involvement: 2009 - 2013


Applying for Student Alumni Council: 2013

Sitting in on Finance Council (planning to apply): 2013

Running for Freshmen Rep.: 2013

Assisting Jacqueline ElSayed in revamping Co-op program: 2013


2. What do I want to be known as?

 I would like mostly to be known for being a charismatic leader.


3. Favorite quote/Saying

 “Old ways won’t open up new doors”


4. Improvements at Kettering?

 One thing that I think could be improved is the lack of connection and involvement between Flint’s four local colleges. Just under a mile and a half off campus is U-M Flint, and just over 2 miles are Baker College and Mott Community College. I believe connecting these four schools would not only benefit all student bodies, but the community as well. By setting up campus and community wide events featuring all four schools, this connection can be accomplished.


5. Biggest Success/Failure

My biggest success is the startup of my jewelry business. From this experience, I am learning how to manage finances, network more efficiently and turn my passion and ideas into a successful business. My biggest failure thus far would be my lack of time management skills in high school. Developing those skills early on would have made my life so much easier, and would have improved the quality and of my work. I’ve since learned from my high school experiences, perfected those skills and have realized what an asset they will be to me here.


6. Why am I running?

I want to represent the student body through Student Senate because I have a lot of ideas that I would like to implement in order to further enhance the Kettering and the improve community. Also, I think I would make a great representative for the Freshmen class because of my creative mindset and ambition, along with my willingness to listen to my peers’ ideas.