During the course of research, faculty may need to complete the following forms or refer to the resources provided here. Of equal importance are the policies guiding research efforts at the university.

Project Agreements and Procedures

   Proposal Approval Form (PAF)

   Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement

   OSR Proposal Preparation Reference Guide

   Project Agreement for project over $25,000
   Appendix A for project over $25,000

   Project Agreement for project under $25,000
  Appendix A for project under $25,000

   Project Agreement Amendment

   Laboratory Testing Project Agreement

Expense Resources

   Funds Request

   Prior Approval for Travel on Sponsored Project

   Employee Travel Report

   International Travel and Export Control Form

Hiring and Compensation Resources

    Research Employee Descriptions and Pay Rates

    Request to Hire Research Funded Employee

    Procedure for Faculty to Request Research Compensation on Sponsored Projects

    Faculty Supplemental Compensation (Overload) Request

    Faculty Course Buy-Out Request Form

    Staff (Exempt) Additional Assignment Compensation Request

    Staff (Non-Exempt) Additional Assignment Compensation Request 

    Bi-weekly Time Report for co-op, casual, and part-time researchers

    Time Card for on-campus (school term) student employees

    Payroll Calendar for Students, Casual & Part-time Employees

    Payroll Calendar for Faculty, Staff and Full-time Researchers

 Intellectual Property Resources

    Intellectual Property Statement

    Invention Disclosure Form

    Student NDA

    Tech Transfer Policy

Other Resources

   Export Controls and Exclusions

   Graduate Assistantship Forms

   Institutional Review Board (IRB) Forms