What is the Graduate Assistant Program?

A Graduate Assistantship provides academically-related employment for eligible graduate students.  A Graduate Assistant can refer to either a Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA) or a Graduate Research Assistant (RA).  A weekly time commitment of 20 hours can be expected; however, actual time commitment is based on the project requirements.  Benefits of the program include a stipend and tuition waiver each term. More information can be found in the Graduate Assistant Policy.


How do I receive a Graduate Assistantship?

Often Graduate Assistantships are offered as Research Assistant (RA) positions on sponsored research projects.  However, there are a few Teaching Assistant (TA) positions on campus as well.  Both types of assistantships can begin at the start of any term based on the need and funding available. The department heads and faculty members recruit their own graduate assistants.  Therefore, the best method to express interest in an assistantship is to communicate with the department head and/or faculty in the department which best aligns with your education and work experience.  Email and phone contact information can be found in the directory.   Additionally, you may complete the Graduate Assistant Application and email to the Office of Sponsored Research.  Applications are retained on file in the Office of Sponsored Research and are available to department heads and faculty upon request.  To be considered for an assistantship, you must first be accepted in the graduate program at Kettering University.