University Policies

Policies issued by the Kettering Board of Trustees and the President regulate the conduct of University activity to serve the interests of the University and its faculty, staff, and students in carrying out its missions.

Compliance with the requirements of University policy is a condition of enrollment for University students and of employment for members of the faculty and staff.  Violations of University policy can lead to disciplinary action including, in appropriate cases, expulsion of students or discharge from employment for members of the faculty and staff.  It is therefore important that all members of the faculty and staff, and all members of the student body, are aware of the requirements of applicable University policies.

The numbered policies cited in this section include policies established by the President under delegated executive authority or mandated by virtue of Board of Trustees policy or state/federal legislation.  These policies are maintained by the Office of the President and are subject to revision from time-to-time. 

University Policy Template

University Policy #1 governs the development and approval of University policies. Download a template for University Policies.

Proposed Policies Open for Comment:

No policies are currently open for comment.

List of Approved University Policies:

  1. Policy Development, Approval, and Review Procedures
  2. Naming Opportunities and Gift Recognition
  3. Mobile Communications Device Policy
  4. Employee Tuition Waiver 
  5. Dependent Tuition Waiver
  6. University Calendar
  7. Compensation for Additional Teaching Assignments
  8. Outside Activities, Research Grants and Contracts, and Conflicts of Commitment 
  9. Traffic and Parking
  10. Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity
  11. University Code of Ethics 
  12. Honorary Degrees
  13. Signature and Approval Authority for Contracts
  14. Travel Expense Policy
  15. Human Subjects Policy
  16. Computer Hardware and Software Policy
  17. Student Complaints and Resolution Processes
  18. Gift Acceptance
  19. Emeritus/Emerita Status
  20. Coordination of Fundraising and Advancement Activities

Policies Issued by Other Units: