Kettering University Honorary Degree Recipients

The historic origins of the presentation of an honorary degree date to the 1470s, when the University of Oxford presented the first recorded honoris causa degree (Latin: "for the sake of the honour"). Kettering University has been presenting honorary degrees since 1986. It is one of the highest recognitions presented at the University.




Title and Company when degree was conferred

Roger B. SmithDoctor of ManagementJune 1986Chairman, General Motors Corporation
Hans A. MatthiasDoctor of EngineeringJune 1987Retired Vice President, Ford Motor Company
Paul F. OrefficeDoctor of ManagementJune 1987Chairman, President and CEO,  Dow Chemical Company
Donald F. EphlinDoctor of HumanitiesJune 1988International Vice President, United Auto Workers
Martha R. SegerDoctor of ManagementJune 1988Member, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System
F. James McDonald '44Doctor of EngineeringJune 1988Retired President, General Motors Corporation
Hermann SchollDoctor of EngineeringJune 1988President, Robert Bosch Corporation
Elliott M. (Pete) Estes '38Doctor of Engineering 
(Awarded Posthumously)
June 1988Retired President, General Motors Corporation
Jaime EscalanteDoctor of HumanitiesJune 1989Mathematics Teacher, Garfield High School, East Los Angeles, CA
Richard L. TerrellDoctor of ManagementJune 1989Vice Chairman, General Motors Corporation and Retired, Board of Directors
Frances HesselbeinDoctor of ManagementJune 1990President and CEO of Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management and Retired CEO of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.
Milford Barron '37Doctor of EngineeringJune 1991President, Precision Instruments in Grand Blanc, MI
Joseph T. GormanDoctor of ManagementJune 1992Chairman and CEO, TRW, Inc.
Mrs. C. S. (Ruth) MottDoctor of Humane LettersJune 1992Philanthropist, Flint, MI
Clifton R. Wharton, Jr.Doctor of ManagementJune 1992Chairman and CEO, TIAA-CREF in New York City
Lester M. Alberthal, Jr.Doctor of ManagementJune 1993Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO, Electronic Data Systems Corporation
E. Douglas HougenDoctor of EngineeringJune 1993President, Hougen Manufacturing Company
Kent C. NelsonDoctor of ManagementJune 1993Chairman and CEO, United Parcel Service
Donald R. BeallDoctor of EngineeringJune 1994Chairman of the Board and CEO, Rockwell International Corporation
Scott G. McNealyDoctor of EngineeringJune 1994President, Chairman, CEO, Sun Microsystems Inc.
Robert E. Reiss '60Doctor of EngineeringJune 1994Chairman and CEO, InterVentional Technologies, Inc.
Mrs. Virginia W. KetteringDoctor of Humane LettersSeptember 1994Philanthropist,  Dayton, Ohio
Mrs. Zelpha McKinnonDoctor of Humane LettersDecember 1994Philanthropist, Flint, MI
Mylon Eugene MerchantDoctor of EngineeringDecember 1994Retired, Research Scientist, Milacron Co., Cincinnati, Ohio
Arthur L. Tuuri, M.D.Doctor of Humane LettersDecember 1994Retired, Pediatrition (M.D.), Mott Childrens Health Center (Polio Research)
Edward N. HarrisDoctor of Humane LettersJune 1995Retired, Former President, Gulf + Western Manufacturing Co.
Warren J. McEleney '44Doctor of ManagementJune 1995President, McEleney Motors Inc.
David C. CollierDoctor of ManagementDecember 1995Charter Member and Incorporator, GMI Board of Trustees 
Retired, General Motors Vice President and Group Executive
Donald E. Johnson, Jr.Doctor of Humane LettersJune 1996Retired, Chairman, Citizens Bank in Flint, MI
Martin D. Walker '54Doctor of ManagementJune 1996Chairman and CEO, M.A. Hanna Company in Cleveland, Ohio
Frederick G. Wacker, Jr. '42Doctor of EngineeringJune 1996Chairman of the Board,  Liquid Controls Corporation, Lake Bluff, IL
William S. WhiteDoctor of Humane LettersDecember 1996Chairman, President, CEO The C.S. Mott Foundation, Flint, MI
Carol BartzDoctor of ManagementJune 1997Chairman of the Board, President, CEO of Autodesk, Inc.
Benjamin Carson, M.D.Doctor of Humane LettersJune 1997Neurosurgeon (M.D.) at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD
Albert James Sobey '45Doctor of EngineeringDecember 1997President, Albert Sobey & Associates
Frank StronachDoctor of ManagementDecember 1997Chairman, Magna International Inc. in Canada
John F. Smith, Jr.Doctor of ManagementJune 1998Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, General Motors Corporation
Klaus von TrothaDoctor of Humane LettersJune 1998Minister of Science, Arts, Research Baden-Wurttemberg, Stuttgart, FRG
John H. McConnellDoctor of ManagementDecember 1998Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Worthington Industries
Curtis E. MollDoctor of ManagementDecember 1998Chairman and CEO, MTD Products Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio
Charles R. WeeksDoctor of ManagementJune 1999Retired, CEO of Citizens Bank in Flint, MI
Alexander C. Mair '43Doctor of EngineeringJune 1999Retired, General Motors Vice President and Group Executive of the Technical Staffs
Jo Ann ShawDoctor of ManagementDecember 1999President and CEO of The Coffee Beanery, LTD. in Flint, MI
Donald J. Almquist '55Doctor of EngineeringDecember 1999Retired Chairman, President, CEO of GM Delco Electronics Corporation
David BingDoctor of ManagementJune 2000CEO, The Bing Group in Detroit, MI
Stephen N. McEwen '54Doctor of EngineeringJune 2000Retired, President and CEO, Henry Filters Inc. in Bowling Green, OH
Albert J. KoegelDoctor of ManagementDecember 2000CEO of Kogel Meats Inc. in Flint, MI
Reverend Avery AldridgeDoctor of Humane LettersDecember 2000Paster and Founder of the Foss Avenue Baptist Church, Flint, MI
Charles L. SchafferDoctor of ManagementJune 2001Retired Chief Operating Officer of UPS in Atlanta, GA
Dean KamenDoctor of EngineeringDecember 2001President of DEKA and Founder of FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science and Technology)
Omer E. Miller '39Doctor of Humane LettersApril 2002Retired Owner, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Philanthropist, Porta-Soft Company and Co-Owner, Heather Glens and Possum Trot Golf Courses
Ivan A. Deveson '59Doctor of ManagementJune 2002Former Lord Mayor, Melbourne, Australia and Former National President, Australian Institute of Management
MaliVai WashingtonDoctor of ManagementJune 2002Professional Athlete and ESPN Sports Analyst and Founder, MaliVali Washington Kids Foundation
Edward J. NeithercutDoctor of Humane LettersDecember 2002Retired, Local Flint Attorney - Neithercut Law Firm
E. Stanley (Stan) O'Neal '74Doctor of ManagementDecember 2002President and CEO and Director, Merrill Lynch & Company Inc. in New York City
Robert A. LutzDoctor of ManagementJune 2003Chairman of General Motors North America and Vice Chairman of Product Development for General Motors Corporation
Donald B. Chaffin '61Doctor of EngineeringDecember 2003Professor of Industrial and Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
John M. Samuels '66Doctor of EngineeringJune 2004Senior Vice President, Operations, Planning and Support, Norfolk Southern Corporation
Charles L. Sargent '59Doctor of EngineeringDecember 2004President, Quality Boat Lifts Inc. in Fort Myers, FL Retired, Co-Founder, President and Chairman of the Board, The Thetford Corporation, Ann Arbor, MI
E. Michael Mutchler '57Doctor of EngineeringDecember 2004Retired GM Vice President and Group Executive-in-Charge of GM's North American Operations & Powertrain Groups and a member of GM's North American Strategy Board
Paul J. ChiapparoneDoctor of ManagementJune 2005Retired, Vice Chairman of EDS (Electronic Data Systems)
Karl-Heinz KammerlohrDoctor of ManagementJune 2005Director General of International Affairs, Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts, Stuttgart, FRG
Steve WozniakDoctor of EngineeringDecember 2005Co-Founder of Apple Computer
Chester A. Huber '77Doctor of EngineeringJune 2006President of On Star Corporation
L. Brooks PattersonDoctor of Humane LettersDecember 2006Oakland County Executive
Joseph B. AndersonDoctor of ManagementJune 2007Chairman and CEO of Tag Holding Companies in Troy, MI
Congressman, Dale E. KildeeDoctor of Humane LettersDecember 2007Congressman, Democrat, representing 5th District in the State of Michigan
Gary L. Cowger '70Doctor of EngineeringDecember 2007Group Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Labor Relations
Curtis R. CarlsonDoctor of ScienceJune 2008President and Chief Executive Officer, SRI International
David W. Hermance '70Doctor of EngineeringJune 2008Executive Engineer for Advanced Technology Vehicles, Toyota Technical Center, USA
Dr. Russell J. Ebeid '62Doctor of ManagementJuly 2008President, Guardian Glass Group a subsidiary of Guardian Industries Corporation
Michael M. WoodDoctor of Humane LettersJune 2009Former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden and Chair, Redwood Investments, LLC
Marissa T. Peterson '83Doctor of ManagementJuly 2009Retired, Executive Vice President of Sun Microsystems
Henry Juszkiewicz '76Doctor of ManagementDecember 2009Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar
Stanford R. OvshinskyDoctor of EngineeringDecember 2010noted inventor and researcher
Senator Carl LevinDoctor of Humane LettersJune 2011United States Senator
Robert C. KagleDoctor of EngineeringJune 2013General Partner and Co-Founder Benchmark Capital