Potential Speakers

It is the goal of the Student Alumni Council (SAC) to schedule speakers that correspond with our vision.

Are you interested in speaking to Kettering University students?
Do you have a topic or situation that students would benefit from?

If so……please send the following information to us:

  • Brief description of speech topic
  • Educational background and year of graduation
  • Company you work for and your title
  • When you are available (include day of the week and time of day, noon or evening.)
  • Would you like a tour of the campus or special session with students?

We will contact you as soon as we receive your request.  We thank you for your interest!!

SAC handles all the details, promotes the event, and even takes you out to lunch afterwards! It's a great excuse to visit the school and, by sharing your thoughts, you can help out current students.  Feel free to contact us at sac-a@kettering.edu or sac-b@kettering.edu.