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Alpha Phi began as the A-section Beta Sigma Phi chapter until the late nineties and in 2000 the Iota Epsilon chapter of Alpha Phi was chartered at Kettering University. With no official chapter house, many of the women over the years have called the Campus Village Apartments "home" while attending classes. Alpha Phi Alumnae Newsletter - Winter 2011


Alpha Gamma Upsilon Chapter House on Flushing and Dupont (circa 1960's), now known as the Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) chapter home. The Sweetest Influence - Spring 2010


Beta Alpha Epsilon Chapter House (circa 1950's), now known as Beta Theta Pi (pictured is the former Beta Theta Pi House located in Fenton. The chapter sold the house in 2006 and has plans to build a new home for the chapter in the near future). The Lion's Roar - Winter 2011.

The chapter home of Delta Chi Rho Fraternity really has not changed much since 1956, at least from the outside. Today this house in Flushing is home to the Eta Mu Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity. The Arab - Spring 2010 , The Arab - Winter 2011.


Kappa Sigma Kappa lived in a house located at 527 Kearsley St. Below is an image of the chapter home circa 1957. Now known as Theta Xi Fraternity the chapter's current house is located just a few blocks from campus, right across the Flint River on Sunset Drive. The Growl Spring 2010