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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

About us

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) was created in 2003 to expand from the previous emphases of institutional research, such as reporting on enrollment trends and student retention, providing data to government agencies and publications, and analyzing institutional data at the request of the University’s administration. The additional services include campus-wide assistance with data analysis and interpretation, assistance with departmental assessment and continuous improvement efforts, and coordination of strategic planning processes. In particular, OIE

  • Determines Official Student Enrollment Numbers
  • Analyzes Student Demographic Information
  • Completes Institutional Surveys from External Sources
  • Responds to Internal Data Requests
  • Administers Student and Alumni Surveys
  • Coordinates Student Course Evaluations
  • Creates New Surveys as Needed
  • Performs Data Analyses as Needed
  • Coordinates, Supports, and Encourages Assessment Efforts


Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports the mission of Kettering University (serve society by preparing leaders for a global workplace), by enhancing institutional effectiveness. This is accomplished through the following objectives:

  • Support, strengthen and facilitate strategic planning and decision-making through the analysis, presentation and distribution of relevant information throughout the campus community;
  • Respond to internal requests for information, and external requests such as surveys and federal reports, by providing reliable data about the student body and other institutional characteristics;
  • Compile information from internal and external sources for program assessment, accreditation reports, student tracking and retention efforts, data exchanges and research projects; and
  • Provide coordinated, high quality surveys, focus groups, and other research methods as needed by the departments and offices of the University.


Contact us:

Dr. Edwin Imasuen 
Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Telephone: (810)762-9642
800-955-4464 ext 9642
Fax: (810)762-9628

Pam Batra
Institutional Effectiveness Analyst, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Telephone: (810)762-9539
800-955-4464 ext 9539
Fax: (810)762-9628


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