All expenditures, other than travel, must be requested on a Kettering Funds Request.  A Funds Request can be utilized to request a check, a purchase order, or petty cash.  Click here for FAQ's regarding the University's Funds Request procedures. 

The following are helpful hints pertaining to research expenditures:

  • Kettering is tax exempt if the check or purchase order is issued directly to the supplier.  It is not a tax exempt purchase if a faculty member, staff member, or student purchases an item and requests reimbursement from Kettering.  Kettering must be the original/first purchaser from the supplies to be tax exempt.
  • Original receipts must accompany the funds request for any reimbursement.  Receipt/email/invoice must indicate paid in full or zero balance and also indicate form of payment.
  • Include any required registration forms or other documents to be sent with a check request.
  • For purchases over $15,000, (3) three quotes are required or a single source memo.