Using You-Sent-It for sending/receiving a large file (files less than 100 Meg)

Use this help sheet for instructions on how to browse to the You-Sent-It web site to send/receive large files.
Use it when your e-mail attachment is larger than the e-mail system allows, which currently is 10 Meg.

    1. Use your web browser and navigate to the You-Sent-It web site: Click here to get to You Send IT

All you need to fill in on the web page is in the blue box, and even then, not all of it applies to "free" usage.Don't worry about all the other information on the page, it is for paying users wanting advanced features and sending files larger than 100 Meg.



  1. Fill in the form as follows:
    1.) Type in the e-mail address of where you want it to go to
    2.) Type in your e-mail address to indicate to your recipient where it came from
    3.) Type in a Subject for the e-mail that will be sent
    4.) Type in a message for your recipient
    5.) Click "Browse" to find your large file/document
    6.) Navigate to your large file and click "OK"
    7.) Click "Send IT"


    That's it. You and your recipient should receive an e-mail with the file/document link.
    When they/you receive the message, all that needs to be done is to click on the link and download the file/document.