Courses are available both on and off campus. You have the option of attending classes in Flint, Michigan or you can attend in the comfort of your own home. 

No residency is ever required! All courses can be completed 100% from wherever you are. If you travel for work – no problem. On vacation – you can still get your materials.  

Kettering University takes a uniquely different approach to distance learning. It is more than online. All classes are taught live on campus and then captured digitally and sent to you on CD, DVD or video streaming. This means that we can eliminate geographic barriers for off-campus students. You are able to participate in the entire class including presentations, lecture materials, case studies, question-and-answer sessions, and other content whether on campus or off campus.

The Blackboard system allows you to keep track of handouts and communicate with your professor and classmates. You will receive your choice of media (CD or DVD) through the mail each week. If you elect to attend live classes, you will still receive the media weekly.  You are also able to view the course through video streaming from any high speed internet connection.

All course materials, including textbooks and required software, are provided to you free! That ensures that you have the same materials the professor is using and the same version of the software. 

What to Expect

Each course in the program consists of standard graduate program coursework, which may include homework, projects, exams, tests, papers or other work -- depending on the course and/or professor. You receive grades for each course. There is no difference or designation between on-campus and off-campus students on your diploma or transcripts.

To help alleviate the distance gap, you will have personal access to your professors through telephone, voicemail, e-mail, fax, internet bulletin boards and/or chat rooms. Each professor provides office hours during which you may contact him/her to ask questions or discuss course materials.

Exams and Homework

You submit homework and other coursework directly to the professor either by e-mail, Blackboard or by hard copy through the mail.

Kettering University's distance-learning graduate programs are available at more than 100 Learning Centers in North America, Europe and Asia. A Learning Center is a virtual campus that is usually located at a company worksite and provides you the opportunity to have exams proctored at a convenient location. Most classes have projects or online exams, but some require a proctored exam. If you are not located near a Learning Center you can be an independent student. This means you identify your own proctor to administer exams. The proctor may be a supervisor at work, a minister or even your local library or community college. Exams are sent to the proctor and when completed, the proctor returns them to the professor. 

You are in control

Kettering University provides you the flexibility to complete the program and take courses at your own pace. You have up to six years to complete the program and can take as many or as few classes as you wish per term -- or even take entire terms off to tend to your other responsibilities. You determine how fast you want to complete your degree. You know your life. You know if you need to take the summer off to spend time with your kids, and you know if you need to finish in a year to be ready for that promotion.