Master of Science in Manufacturing Operations

"Don’t let the “Manufacturing” portion of the MSMO title mislead you. This program is applicable to all areas of the corporate enterprise. Thanks to the MSMO Program, I now approach issues and new projects from a Total Systems Engineering perspective. The course work has been challenging, well balanced and immediately applicable. The professors are engaging and backed by real world experience. I highly recommend the Kettering MSMO Program."   –Bob P.

Are you interested in lean manufacturing operations? Then the Master of Science in Manufacturing Operations program is right for you. You will complete in-depth studies of systems, processes and practices in lean manufacturing facilities. You will also be exposed to many elements of manufacturing including lean production systems, work analysis, materials handling, quality systems and manufacturing metrics, as well as cutting-edge practices such as lean and agile manufacturing.

The program is intended for individuals in manufacturing who aspire to have a more comprehensive knowledge in lean manufacturing operations and practices. Graduates of this program can expect to possess a thorough understanding of manufacturing methods, analytical methods to make decisions within a manufacturing facility, and skills to adapt to changes within this environment.

You may start this program in any term – winter, spring summer or fall. You may take this program on campus or through distance learning. You do not complete a thesis for this degree.