Capital Equipment/Furniture Funding

New or replacement equipment and furniture is funded by the requesting department. For equipment, Physical Plant will review the request to ensure that there is the required infrastructure (such as electrical service, air conditioning, compressed air, etc.) available to support the equipment. 

For furniture, Kettering has several discount agreements with various commercial furniture manufacturers. Furniture from these manufacturers are maintained by Physical Plant.  Contact Physical Plant for the vendors and their contact persons. Furniture purchased from manufacturers not having an agreement with Kettering University will not be maintained by Physical Plant.  

Maintenance Funding

As a general rule, the cost of operating and maintaining buildings, grounds, and related equipment is funded from central accounts managed by the Physical Plant department.

The repair of furniture used in instructional, library, offices, and general-use spaces (such as restrooms and non-departmental conference rooms) is funded centrally and is not charged to the departments unless the furniture is not part of the University furniture inventory or not manufactured by approved commercial furniture manufacturer.

The repair of laboratory equipment, personal property, etc. and pianos are examples of items that are funded by individual departments. The repair of central air-conditioning and heating systems in a building is an example of an item funded by Physical Plant. If you have questions about funding responsibility, a specific charge/invoice, or other fiscal matters relating to Physical Plant services, contact us at ext. 9750.

Project Funding

Capital project-related funding is the responsibility of the requesting department. In order to maintain professional facilities, the Physical Plant department maintains minimum standards to which renovated or new facility must be followed. These standards are annually updated and maintained on the Physical Plant website.