Internet Purchases

There are three options for employees to purchase items from the Internet, when followed in conjunction with the Purchasing Guidelines:

Prepaid Purchase Order:

If the Internet vendor allows you to reserve your order online, this is the preferred option. After you reserve the order, complete a Funds or Materials Request form and send it to Purchasing, indicating the vendor's complete address, e-mail address, phone number (including area code) and a copy of your reserved order. Purchasing will then issue the Prepaid Purchase Order along with a check for payment to the company to complete your purchase.

Regular Purchase Order:

If the Internet vendor does not allow you to reserve your order online, this method is preferred. Complete a Funds or Material Request form and send it to Purchasing, indicating the vendor's web address, phone number, part numbers and quantity required. Purchasing will then contact the company for the availability of the products, price and payment terms, and issue a Purchase Order. Purchasing reserves the right to order the materials via the web, fax, telephone or mail using this option.

Personal Credit Card:

If the Internet vendor accepts payment via personal credit card or a personal Internet account, such as PayPal, and you are purchasing low value (less than $500) supply-type items that are pre-approved by your department head, this option is available to you. Complete a Funds or Materials Request form and send it with your original receipt to the Accounts Payable department for reimbursement via check.

For items less than $200, you may submit the same documents to the Cashier's Office during regular posted hours for a cash reimbursement. If you use this option the transaction is subject to Michigan sales tax even though you may later be reimbursed by the exempt organization (Kettering).

When requesting reimbursement, sales tax must be included on the original receipt or the Business Office will charge your index the prevailing sales tax rate and remit it to the State of Michigan. Therefore, it is in the university's best interest to utilize our recommended purchasing procedures using a Kettering University Funds or Materials Request (Options 1 or 2) or Kettering University issued Purchasing Card to minimize cost.

Please note: Capital items may not be purchased using your credit card.

Items with a life expectancy of more than one year and a value over $500 must be purchased using either option one or two above.

Internet auction or bidding sites are not authorized vendors. There is no way to monitor the condition of the item and often there is no warranty provided. Examples of unauthorized sites for purchase are, and
Please contact Purchasing at x9808 or x9815 with any questions prior to researching and/or placing your order.