The Payroll department, located at 5-849 CC, is responsible for all payroll activity for Kettering University faculty, staff, part-time / casual help and students. Some of the services Payroll provides include:

Benefit Accounting:
Payroll processes deductions for specific benefit programs with the Human Resources office.

Direct Deposit (for faculty and regular staff payroll):
Direct Deposit covers all banks, credit unions, and savings and loans that participate in the Automated Clearinghouse Service.
By submitting a completed Authorization Agreement for Automatic/Direct Deposits to the Payroll office, you authorize Payroll to make direct deposits to your designated checking/savings account (note: It takes a minimum of one full pay period for direct deposits to become effective).
Pay stubs are available on Banner Web for Employee Self-Service every other week.

Federal / State / City Exemption Forms: (see W-4)
The W-4 changes the number of exemptions to determine withholding taxes.

Payroll Checks:
Kettering University employees are paid on a bi-weekly system.
Faculty and regular staff payroll pay stubs are available on Banner Web for Employee Self-Service every other week.
Pay checks are available for pick-up every other Friday from the Student Accounts office (2-312 CC) and Monday through Friday of the following week, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. We will mail any payroll check not picked up within one week to the address printed on your check (see calendar for faculty and regular staff payroll).
Student payroll is every other Friday, on alternating weeks from faculty and regular staff payroll (see calendar).

Payroll also processes Garnishment, Time Ticket, Unemployment, Verification of Employment, W-2 and Wage Assignment forms. 

Electronic W-2 Form Instructions

See the Contact List if you have questions, or contact the Payroll department: ext. 9776 / fax 9777.