Wireless Network Troubleshooting Guide

Wireless network access is now available in almost all public areas of the campus including meeting rooms and class rooms. The wireless network was implemented to provide mobility and network access for meeting rooms, public areas and class room use only.

NOTICE: Network User Authentication Required

Accessing our wireless network requires user authentication. To do this open your browser and go to any webpage, or use for the URL. An authentication page should appear. Use your e-mail user name and password to log-on. This authentication process is required every time you use the wireless network. Guest accounts are available for visitors. Contact the IT Help Desk by email at helpdesk@kettering.edu or by phone at (810) 762-8324 for a user name and password.

1. Wireless Network Configuration Issues

Kettering University's wireless access points are set up to broadcast the SSID to client interface cards. If you cannot connect to the access point, check your wireless network configuration and set it up to accept a broadcast SSID. If you still can't connect, set the SSID manually to "KUW". Make sure all encryption is disabled.

    • WEP = disabled

2. Specific Network Interface Card Issues

    • Cisco Aeronet no issues.
    • Compaq Agency series no issues.
    • D-Link wireless configuration: The SSID must be entered in the configuration. Mode set to "Infrastructure".
    • Microsoft Wireless - Must enter SSID into client software.
    • Prism: Set SSID to "ANY", and Mode to "Infrastructure".
    • Netgear no issues.

3. My computer connected to the wireless network last semester, but why doesn't it connect now?

As of Winter term 2013 Kettering has begun the process to improve the wireless system for students and employees. This included changing how students access the wireless system. Instructions on how to connect the most common devices is provided at the top of this web page.

4. Why am I unable to connect to the wireless network with my Windows 8 computer?

Currently Windows 8 certified wireless drivers use a protocol that is not supported by the Kettering Wireless infrastructure. This is not a Kettering only issue, and Kettering is working on a solution. KUGUEST will work as an alternative.

5. Why are instructions for my device not listed?

There too many consumer devices to make individual instructions for each device feasible. Kettering selected the top devices to document instructions, along with trying to generalize the instructions to reach other platforms.

6. Why am I unable to connect with my Apple computer on Mac OS X 10.7 or higher?

When Apple released the Lion OS they changed how 802.1X authentication would be done. With Kettering’s wireless network a user will just need to enter their domain credentials. 

7. Why am I unable to connect to the wireless system after following the instructions?

    • Possible reasons could be that your password is incorrect. The only accepted password Kettering’s wireless uses is the Kettering domain password. This is the password that is used to log onto a Windows campus computer.
    • Another reason could be is your account is locked or your password has expired. Contact the Kettering Help Desk to resolve that issue.

8. Why am I being prompted to change my password when I am connected to Kettering’s wireless?

Depending how your wireless profile was configured you may be prompted to change your password after it expires. If you change your password over the wireless, this will also change your password to log into the campus computers.

9. I am connected to the wireless, however, the Browser will not display a web page?

Most Browsers are set to "Auto-Detect" proxies.  If you are unsuccessful in viewing a web page check your proxy settings.  Instructions are available to guide you through adjusting Web Browser Proxy Settings.  More Information>>