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Program your Display Phone

Programming - Display Phones

Push the Program button. Scroll through the list using the arrow buttons. To change an item enter the number that precedes the function you wish to change. Push Program again to return display to normal.

  • 00 Volume Adjustment
    • enter 00, then 1, 2, 3, or 4 to change.....
    • 1 ring volume 
    • 2 buzz volume, when your on one line and another line rings
    • 3 speaker volume, best to change during conversation - use arrow keys
    • 4 handset volume, best to change during conversation - use arrow keys 
  • 01 Predial Recall
    • Displays last predialed number: Predial - entering a number prior to getting
      dial tone. (pushing extension key or lifting handset after you enter the number
      allows visual confirmation of number about to be dialed)
    • You can redial this number by pushing the Program button, push 01, and then
      push an extension button
  • 02 Contrast
    • Use arrow keys to change the contrast level of the display
  • 03 Call Timer
    • displays time connected to current call use arrow keys to toggle call timer on/off 
  • 04 Idle Screen Format
    • use arrow keys to toggle between the different ways the day/date is shown
      in the display
  • 05 Language Selection
    • use arrow keys to toggle between 10 different languages for your display
  • 07 Display Diagnostics
    • Pressing the arrow keys toggles various patterns on your display, push
      Program button to cancel
  • 09 Key Click
    • use arrow keys to toggle the key click on/off