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Microsoft Office Suite 2010

Kettering's selected office suite of applications.The University currently supports Microsoft Office Professional Suite version 2010. 

What is Microsoft Office Suite?

Microsoft Office is an office suite of desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems.  Office contains the well-known applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Visit Microsoft's website to learn more about how the office suite of applications work.

How do I use Microsoft Suite Applications?

Visit Microsoft's Getting Started with Office 2010 website to learn about the changes with Office 2010 applications and see what's new.  

Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word is a word-processing program, designed to help you create professional-quality documents. With the finest document-formatting tools, Word helps you organize and write your documents more efficiently. Word also includes powerful editing and revising tools so that you can collaborate with others easily.  Learn more.

Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program.  Learn more.

Microsoft PowerPoint


Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program for Windows and OS X. It is used to create slideshows, composed of text, graphics, and other objects, which can be displayed on-screen and shown by the present or printed out.

Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking and free-form information gathering program, used with both tablet and conventional computing devices.  It gathers users' noted (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network.

Microsoft Publisher


Microsoft Publisher is a publishing application mostly used for designing brochures, labels, calendars, greeting cards, business cards, newsletters and postcards.

Microsoft Visio


Microsoft Visio is a diagramming and vector graphics application. Getting started with Visio.

Microsoft Access

Access (No longer supported; see Argos Reporting Solution)

Microsoft Access is a desktop database and reporting solution. Kettering University has partnered with Evisions utilizing the Argos Reporting Solution to deliver University reporting needs.  See Argos Reporting Solution to learn more.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook (No longer supported; see Google Applications)

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager and e-mail communication software.  Kettering University partnered with Google Applications for Education enabling cloud-based email, calendaring, contacts and additional solutions.  See Google Applications to learn more.

Microsoft Additional Applications

Additional Applications

Microsoft Office offers additional applications within the suite.  To learn more about the University's level of support for additonal Microsoft Office applications, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

Who uses Microsoft Office Suite?

Microsoft Office Suite is available across campus on University owned computing devices.  Microsoft offers its suite of applications to faculty and students for educational purposes under the Dreamspark program.  University Employees may purchase the Office Suite at a significantly reduce priced through the HUP program. 


In addition to the information provided on the Microsoft website, please contact us with any further questions you may have at the Technology Help Desk by email at helpdesk@kettering.edu or phone at (810) 237-8324.