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Argos Reporting Solution

True Kettering Initiative

Delivering excellence in everything we do, Argos is a quality initiative that will enhance the University's ability to provide timely reports that allow for data-drivin decisions. The Data Governance Committee is working on initiatives to ensure the integrity of our data across the University.

What is Argos?

Argos is the University's official enterprise web-based reporting solution.  It will meet the University's Banner reporting needs from simple ad hoc queries to advanced dashboards with interactive drill-down charts. Visit the official website for an overview of the Argos solution.

Who will use Argos?

University departments have identified an employee representative(s) from their area whom will create and generate Banner reports.  Once department reports have been created, the best way to distribute each department's reports will be determined and additional user access to Argos will be released at that time.  Please contact your department supervisor if you have any questions regarding your department's Argos reporting representative(s).

Argos User Groups:

  • Report Viewers:  Argos Report Viewers have the ability to run reports, save and distribute the output in a variety of useful formats.
  • Report Writers:  Argos Report Writers have the ability to run reports as well as design and modify CSV reports and banded (fully formatted) reports.  Writers will use pre-built DataBlocks to build a variety of reports.
  • DataBlock Designers:  Argos DataBlock Designers (IT Staff) build the DataBlocks that Report Writers and Viewers utilize to get their data.

How do I obtain Training?

Based upon your Vice President's recommendation, employee representatives will be sent a Google Calendar meeting invitation to attend the Argos Report Writing Core Skill Training session.  Please watch your email for detailed information. Learn more.

What's the next step after Training?

New skill sets that are not applied are lost.  With support from your Vice President, Information Technology will set-up weekly open labs to help answer any questions and provide assistance as you transition existing department reports and create new reports in Argos. 

The scheduling of training labs will begin immediately following the week of core training.  You will receive a personal Google Calendar appointment inviting you to attend the lab.  Please be sure to “accept” your attendance at your earliest convenience as lab space is limited and we want to optimize open lab time.

How do I get to Argos?

Visit the Kettering University Argos reporting website and login using your LDAP credentials. Department identified Argos reporting representatives are encouraged to login in preparation for training and view the available online training modules.


To receive access to the Argos Reporting Solution please contact your department supervisor.  For further information about Argos, please send an email to and a member of the Information Technology (IT) team will contact you.