Quick Guide to Liberal Studies Electives

Spring 2015

The Department of Liberal Studies has faculty able to teach 40 upper division electives in the humanities and social sciences. These are offered on a rotating basis with 9 to 14 different electives offered each term.

This guide shows the courses we offer in the Spring 2015 term, brief descriptions, the graduation requirement each satisfies and the Liberal Studies minor the course supports.

Prerequisites for all upper division COMM, HIST, LIT, HUMN, PHIL, SOC, SSCI electives are COMM 101, HUMN 201, and SSCI 201. Upper division ECON electives require ECON 201 as a prerequisite.

Upper Division Electives

Rhetorical Principles of Persuasion (COMM 311)
Theories of persuasion, techniques of argumentation, and the analysis of persuasive texts. Topics include political messages, advertising and persuasive elements of popular culture.
Days/Time - TF 1:20-3:25
Graduation Requirement - Humanities
Minor - Pre-law (obj.4)

Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON 344)
Applied macroeconomic theory and quantitative analysis with relevance for managerial and governmental decision-making.  
Days/Time - TF 10:15-12:20
Graduation Requirement - Social Science
Minor - Economics

History of Economic Thought (ECON 348)
An analysis of the development of economic thinking by studying preeminent economists and their schools of thought.
Days/Time - MW 6:00-8:05
Graduation Requirement -  Social Science
Minor -   Economics

Comparative Economic Systems (ECON 350)
A study of economic systems (capitalism, mixed economies, socialism) emphasizing their influence on economic decision-making and their relative success.;
Days/Time - MTWF 4:40-5:40
Graduation Requirement - Social Science
Minor -Economics, Int’l. Studies

Literature and Ethics (HUMN 391)
This discussion-based course explores literature about ethical perspectives and decision-making literature that leads to moral sensitivity, and literature's relationship to societal morality.
Days/Time -  TF 3:35-5:40
Graduation Requirement - Humanities
Minor -  Literature

Masterpieces of Literature (LIT 372)
This course grapples with issues critical to western literature and culture through a close examination of several different literary genres.
Days/Time - TR 6:00-8:05
Graduation Requirement - Humanities
Minor - Literature

Seminar on J. R. R. Tolkien (LIT 374)
This course examines Tolkien’s epic, The Lord of the Rings and  his extended mythology in The Silmarillion.  The course focuses on genre, style and themes of the works, with particular emphasis on the elements of epic.
Days/Time -  MR 8:00-10:05
Graduation Requirement -  Humanities
Minor -  Literature

Religion in Society (SOC 337)
A social scientific study of a broad range of religious beliefs and practices selected from diverse human societies.
Days/Time - MR 1:20-3:25         
Graduation Requirement – Social Science
Minor - Int’l. Studies, Pre-law (obj. 3)

Ideologies and Politics (SSCI 391)
An overview of major socio-economic, political, and legal ideologies.  It examines the origins, role, and implications of ideologies in our lives. This course enables students to appreciate the significance and impact of ideologies by exploring the ideological underpinnings of contemporary socio-economic, political, and legal challenges.
Days/Time -  MR 10:15-12:20
Graduation Requirement -  Social Science
Minor -  Pre-law, Int’l Studies

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