Andrew Owczarczak

Andrew Owczarczak

Hometown: East Amherst, NY

Major: Business Administration

Co-op Employer: Food Service Enablers, New York

Why I chose Kettering:
I originally went to school in Detroit to study design. After a year and a half I decided it was not for me. In searching for a new major I decided a Business Administration degree would be the way to go. After learning Kettering had a business program I transferred. After learning about Kettering's small class sizes and how everyone in the Department of Business knows each other, I realized that Kettering was the perfect fit for me. Add in co-op, where I am getting two years worth of real work experience before I even graduate, coming to Kettering just made sense.

The best things about Kettering:

  • Co-op program
  • All my friends
  • Small class sizes
  • The Recreation Center is great, I run, play tennis, basketball, ping-pong and work-out.
  • The personal, family atmosphere of the school is perfect.. So much better that what I had experienced at a larger university.

Best advice:
If you are looking at pursuing a business degree, don't just go to any business school. Kettering's business school connects you to the real world right away. You will be working in a company or organization, learning about business first hand. You will be responsible for making decisions and managing programs and projects. The best part is you will do this all before you graduate and earn some pretty good money too! I know I will have the business experience I will need to land that full time job and start my career!