Name: Nicholas Foggia

Position: Junior Rep


My name is Nicholas Foggia; I am a Sophomore II majoring in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. I enjoy participating in groups where I can make a difference and give back. Being a part of student senate will allow me to make an impact on my fellow undergraduates. If elected, my main goal will be improving student awareness on opportunities given by Kettering University.


  1. What activities are/were you involved in a Kettering and in high school?


  • Kettering LEADERS Fellow (2012-Present)
  • Campus Tour Guide (2012-Present)
  • Beta Theta Pi (2011-Present)
    • Vice President of Pledge Class (2012)
    • Compass Crew (2011-Present)
    • National Honor Society (2007-2011)
    • Varsity Soccer (2007-2011)
    • Student Council (2009-2010)
    • Woodhaven Theater Company (2008-2011)
      • Construction Crew Head (2010-2011)
      • Stage Manager (2010-2011)

 2.    What is the one trait you want people to know you for?


Through organizations like the Woodhaven Theater Company, Kettering LEADERS, and Compass Crew, I have learned how much effort and dedication must go into a project to make the outcome successful. From this, I have become an extremely determined individual. I will refuse to give up on projects and follow through until the end, even if they seem too difficult.

 3.    What is your favorite quote/saying(s)?


"You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you"
- John Wooden


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 
- Albert Einstein

 4.    What do you think can be improved at Kettering and what steps will you take to accomplish this improvement?

My favorite thing about Kettering is the people that come here and the experiences made with them. One thing that I find unfortunate is that students don’t partake in many opportunities that the school has to offer. I believe that this is because students don’t have the correct resources, by being a part of student senate, I would like to find a way to give students a better understanding of everything that is going on around them and how they can partake in everything that Kettering has to offer.

 5.     What has been your biggest success and failure? What have you learned from them?

The personality and traits of each person are determined by the success and failures each person makes and what they take back from each experience. When I was younger, I had a great opportunity in front of me that I did not partake in. I had missed this opportunity because I never tried to be a part of it. Due to this, I have since learned to take action at any opportunity that I have the possibility of taking. I had an issue similar to this earlier this year about a co-op. This is where I find my greatest success to be in. I created an opportunity for myself and continued to follow up on it to work with the federal government. After getting a step in the door, it was through hard word, dedication, and determination that had led to me receiving the job.

 6.    What is your motivation for wanting to represent the student body via Student Senate?


After starting at Kettering, I have tried out many different clubs and organizations to see where I fit best, and what I enjoy the most. What I have found is that I enjoy making a difference, and giving back. By joining the student senate, I can do both of these things. I am hoping that by joining, not only will I be giving back to the school and gaining experience from it, but I would be able to make a difference.