Transfer Day is June 2

May 18, 2011

Transfer students looking for scholarships and good co-op jobs are invited to explore Kettering on Transfer Day June 2.

Mechanical Engineering student Josh Sheppard is among a small group at Kettering who came to campus by way of another institution.  Sheppard, who graduated from Bay City Western High School, started his college experience at Delta College in Saginaw and then transferred to Kettering.

"Kettering University has some of the most prestigious Science, Engineering, and Management programs in the country,” he said.  “With a Kettering degree, you get the benefit of brilliant professors, a real paying co-op experience, and an excellent social life. This is all while getting the same personal attention given by most community colleges."

Today, Sheppard is completing his senior year.  His co-op job is at Formsprag Clutch in Warren, Mich.

Kettering welcomes around 30 transfer students a year, but is actively working to increase that number, said Admissions Director Karen Full.  “Transfer students represent a fairly untapped market for us,” she said.  “One of our admissions strategies is to invite potential transfer students to our campus to check us out.”

Kettering will do that on Thursday, June 2, when it hosts Transfer Day.  Transfer students who are looking for scholarship support and good co-op job opportunities are invited to the 2-6 p.m. event in Kettering’s Campus Center.

Roger Smith, associate director of Transfer Admissions, said Transfer Day is designed for college students who are off to a great start with their education and are now looking for their next educational investment toward a successful future.  “I’d like to show transfer students that Kettering is an affordable option because of the generous scholarships that have been saved specifically for transfer students,” he explained.

Smith asks transfer students to bring their transcripts with them on June 2 for an on-the-spot evaluation.  Kettering staff members will review which classes and credits will transfer to Kettering from the school that students are currently attending.  Eligible students will receive an automatic admissions decision.  Guests will also tour campus, meet faculty and learn about the multitude of co-op job opportunities that are waiting at Kettering.

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For more information, contact Roger Smith at or call him toll free at 1-800-955-4464, ext. 9834.

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Written by Patricia Mroczek