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New web site explores alternative fuel

By Website Administrator | Oct 7, 2003
Kettering University researchers have learned a lot about the practical applications of alternative fuels - specifically ethanol-blended fuel - and they are willing to share that knowledge in ... Read More

Texas student enjoys working on shuttle engines

By Website Administrator | Oct 2, 2003
Justin Junell has one of the hottest co-op jobs at Kettering University.A senior from Fredericksburg, Texas, he has to stand at least a quarter-mile away when the rocket engines he works on for NASA ... Read More

Kettering grad first student to earn Ph.D. in fuel cells

By Website Administrator | Sep 26, 2003
Dr. Etim Ubong, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at Kettering, dreamed some years ago that the University might one day pave the way for the creation of a state-of-the-art facility ... Read More

Outstanding Researchers named

By Website Administrator | Sep 25, 2003
Three Kettering faculty have been recognized for their academic research. Dr. Bassem Ramadan, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been named Outstanding New Researcher; Dr. Ilya ... Read More

Battenberg's tips for success

By Website Administrator | Sep 23, 2003
JT Battenberg III '66, CEO of Delphi, cleaned out the closet of his professional memories for Kettering University students Wednesday, Sept. 17. Taking a break from contract negotiations with the ... Read More

Fewer moving parts is the key to better engines

By Website Administrator | Sep 22, 2003
Three recent innovations in combustion engine technology have been combined into one amazingly simple new engine design. Utilizing a free piston, meaning there is no crankshaft or connecting rods, a ... Read More

Two dozen robotics teams to compete Sept. 20

By Website Administrator | Sep 18, 2003
Robots will roll during the Fourth Annual Kettering Kickoff on Saturday, Sept. 20, at Kettering's Connie and Jim John Recreation Center. The high school robotics competition is affiliated with FIRST ... Read More

Remembering 9-11

By Website Administrator | Sep 16, 2003
Kettering University's Women's Resource Center and International Club remembered the souls of 9-11 with a memorial tree planting on Thursday, Sept. 11. A weeping cherry tree and two shrubs helped ... Read More

USP visits 20 countries -- digitally

By Website Administrator | Sep 15, 2003
Kettering University is making technology history this week when it hosts USP 2003 in Dearborn, Mich., an international high-tech conference for delivering software solutions to manufacturing. Never ... Read More

A musical observance ...

By Website Administrator | Sep 10, 2003
 Visit Patriotic Music online at: Kettering University's Women's Resource Center and the International Club extend an invitation to all to ... Read More