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Kettering graduate creating 'library for every car'

By Patrick Hayes | Jun 13, 2014
Steve Balistreri '06 is creating a "library" for gearheads. Steve Balistreri '06 bought a 1980s BMW with over 300,000 miles for $500 for the sole purpose of driving it in the brutal and ... Read More

Kettering University hosting international statistics conference

By Patrick Hayes | Jun 12, 2014
An international statistics convention in Flint will discuss how cities use and collect statistical data, using Flint, Michigan, as a primary example.Kettering University is hosting an ... Read More

Students win awards at international DECA conference

By Patrick Hayes | Jun 10, 2014
Anastasia Bubin, Allison Putnam and Jacob Sherwood received second place in the Advertising Campaign category.Kettering University’s Collegiate DECA team won three awards at the Collegiate DECA ... Read More

Kettering students building, launching rockets as part of Innovation Super Quest

By Patrick Hayes | Jun 10, 2014
Innovation Quest challenges help Kettering students think quickly and make use of limited resources.Kettering University students will be putting their design and engineering skills to the test at 6 ... Read More

Student Post: Study abroad in Prague

By Patrick Hayes | Jun 9, 2014
Photos by Lisa Mitchell of her trip to Prague, Czech Republic, as part of her study abroad experience.Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post by B-Section senior Lisa Mitchell, who is ... Read More

Oswalds continue support of international experiences

By Patrick Hayes | Jun 6, 2014
Bob and Marcy Oswald.Published in the Spring 2014 issue of Kettering MagazineDistinguished Kettering University alumnus Bob Oswald ‘64 is reiterating his belief in international experiences by ... Read More

Service Saturdays continue to grow

By Patrick Hayes | Jun 5, 2014
Service Saturdays have recently been averaging nearly 100 volunteers.In 2012, Kettering University highlighted ‘Community Vitality’ as one of its four key pillars of success. Through an ... Read More
chaz mancino

Student Post: MIS is a learning experience for formula team

By Patrick Hayes | Jun 4, 2014
Chaz Mancino is a Mechanical Engineering major from New York.Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post by Kettering student Charles ‘Chaz’ Mancino. Chaz is from Fredonia, New York, and is ... Read More

Work in plastics lab helping reduce waste in manufacturing

By Patrick Hayes | Jun 3, 2014
Work in the Polymer Processing Lab is directly helping industry reduce waste.Despite the obvious utility of plastics in a variety of products that are vital to daily life, the material also is ... Read More

Kettering tenures a big part of distinguished career for Simpson

By Patrick Hayes | Jun 2, 2014
Dr. Robert Simpson (left) with Byron Green '86.Published in the Spring 2014 issue of Kettering MagazineA decorated and illustrious academic career will come to an end this summer as Dr. Robert L. ... Read More