Sugar & Adrenaline

Nov 15, 2005

Mixing loud music, sugar and waaaaaay too much caffeine - WKUF sponsors a battle of the bands.

Sugar and adrenaline were on tap at the battle of the bands at Kettering University Friday, Nov. 11. The live concert featured regional and area bands playing cover and original songs.

The concert's theme came from one of the main sponsors for the concert, The Good Beans Cafe, who donated coffee for the event. "The sugar comes from the free donuts we're having," said Dan Swando, production director for WKUF, "and the adrenaline is what you get when you mix loud music and waaaay too much sugar and caffeine." Other sponsors include the Guitar Center and Kettering Student Government.

"We couldn't have pulled this off without tremendous donations from Good Beans Cafe and Guitar Center," said Swando. Donations are always appreciated since we're a non-profit station, and we have a lot yet to do to get people in Flint to listen to us regularly.

The featured bands included "Lost Without Leaving", "Another Misprint" and "Moment of Inertia." "Lost Without Leaving has been part of our Band Night since the beginning," Swando said. "They've been fan favorites at our Band Nights and also the Delts' Oktoberfest." "Another Misprint" and "Moment of Inertia" (with lead guitarist and WKUF DJ Steve Schwartz) are both local bands featuring Kettering students.

Prior to going live just over a year ago, the student radio station at Kettering University, WKUF-LP FM 94.3, began hosting live "Band Night" concerts once or twice a year to get their name out to students and gain support for the fledgling radio station. "We've even held a fundraising concert at the Local 431," said Swando. "Now that we're actually on the air, we decided to keep the tradition going."

Keeping up the tradition also involves a lot of on-air time for busy engineering students. "A great thing about having this station is that it helps improve students' communication skills," said Swando, "they (the DJs) have to talk to a largeaudience on the radio, Ii's not just about the music."

WKUF Low Power FM is on the dial at 94.3. Visit their web site at

Written by Dawn Hibbard