Student radio station close to reality

Mar 18, 2004

A student group is the catalyst for a campus radio station. They have a construction permit and are looking for financial backing.

The FCC has granted a Low Power FM (LPFM) Building Permit to Kettering University for development of a campus-based radio station and student club, WKUS, is working to make the station a reality by November 2004. The station will broadcast at 100 watts and have a five to seven-mile listening radius.

WKUS's goal is to utilize the station to improve student life, enhance communications and strengthen relations with the surrounding community. Kettering President Dr. James E.A. John has approved the initial fundraising campaign necessary to underwrite start-up costs for WKUS. 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) introduced Low Power FM to the public for the first time in January of 2000. It was created as a way for small organizations to start FM radio stations.

In September of 2000, the WKUS student group submitted an application to the FCC for an LPFM building permit at a broadcast frequency of 96.7 MHz. Their application was not processed because of close proximity to local radio stations operating at 96.3 and 97.1.

In August of 2002 they learned the FCC would be opening up a filing window in October in which LPFM applications could be changed and re-submitted. They chose another frequency, 94.3, and changed the geographic location of the proposed transmission tower location, then re-submitted their application with the new changes.

The FCC accepted the adjusted application for a LPFM station to be processed. WKUS members immediately began researching the information to be presented. In May 2003, the FCC granted WKUS a permit for construction of a radio station.

The group is currently working to implement a fundraising campaign, media campaign, and a campus presence.

For more information on WKUS radio station, call (586) 945-9506, or email,, or visit