Scholarships seek future CEOs

Feb 9, 2007

Admitted students will compete for top scholarships and prizes during six "Prep For Success" programs.

Kettering University has officially launched its 2007 scholarship program, offering more than $3 million in scholarships to top-quality incoming students including a four and a half year scholarship valued at up to $76,500 per student.

Admitted students can compete at Kettering's Prep for Success programs on campus in February, March and April for a chance to earn additional awards such as full-tuition scholarships, partial scholarships or new laptops.

Students from 25 states are expected to attend Prep for Success, a one-day program designed for students to learn about the University, the co-op process, how to interview for a co-op position and how to write a resume.

Kettering is home to the nation's most advanced co-op program, where students rotate three-month semesters of work and class, usually staying with the same employer for the length of their time at the University.

Prep for Success is the students' first step in securing a co-op position that could allow them to earn an average of $40,000 - $65,000 during their college career.

"Kettering is seeking the mathlete, the alpha gearhead and the future CEO," Kettering Vice President for Enrollment Services Bob Nichols said. "We're looking for top-quality students who want to be tomorrow's leaders in engineering, technology, business management and the sciences."

Prep for Success will also include panel discussions, campus tours and social activities and awards will include full-tuition scholarships, several $5,000 and $3,000 scholarships and/or laptops. Kettering's 2007 Scholarship Program is designed to make the University's co-op education affordable.

"All accepted applicants who meet our criteria will receive a Kettering Merit Scholarship," Nichols said. "They are eligible for additional awards through Prep for Success, which will attract some of the country's best and brightest students to our campus during the next three months."

Conference dates for Prep For Success are Feb. 9, 10 and 19; March 9 and 10; and April 21. Click on this link for more on Kettering's new scholarship program.

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Written by Pat Mroczek
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