SAC makes big contributions

Sep 30, 2004

Kettering's Student Alumni Council makes big strides in raising funds for scholarships and the community.

Formed in 1976, the Kettering University Student Alumni Council (SAC) continues to serve as the link between students and alumni. The purpose of the SAC is to provide members with public speaking, teamwork and leadership experiences. SAC also sponsors a number of professional workshops to enhance leadership abilities and guest speakers from a diverse range of fields and industries who share their business insights with students.

For the past three years, the SAC continues to increase its role in fundraising for many local charities and in support of the Jack Hartzell Scholarship Fund. Kettering's University Advancement Division administers the Jack Hartzell Scholarship. Hartzell graduated from Kettering/GMI in the top 10 percent of his class in 1960 with a bachelor's of science degree in Industrial Engineering and went on to earn an MBA from Miami University of Ohio. He worked for General Motors for 30 years before joining the staff at GMI/Kettering. His face-to-face approach brought many alumni back to campus to reconnect with their alma mater.

When Sept. 11, 2001, occurred, members of the SAC directed administrators to donate proceeds from sales of the SAC "Undefeated Football" t-shirt to the American Red Cross. Proceeds totaled more than $2,086 and helped initiate the SAC fundraising efforts. Since then, the SAC has raised more than $4,800 in support of the Jack Hartzell Scholarship Fund and expect to add to this, said Deb Schnettler, director of Alumni Events and coordinator of the SAC. "SAC students have only been in the fundraising business for three years, so they have done an awesome job raising money for local charities. They want the money to count and support the community. And of course I am very proud of them as any adviser or mom would be," she added.

Schnettler also said that future plans include targeting additional local charities and the development of a third t-shirt.

In addition to the "Undefeated Football T-shirt," this past March a new shirt was created called the "Enginerd Shirt," designed by student Joe Scandy. The SAC has sold more than 700 shirts and on Sept. 16, the council donated $1,000 to the Children's Dream Center in Flint, Mich. The Children's Dream Center's mission is to nurture children and their families through creative programming that delivers knowledge, wisdom and spiritual fortitude. The total amount raised through the sales of t-shirts by the SAC since 2001, combined with this recent donation from the sales of the "Enginerd" t-shirt, exceeds more than $8,600.

SAC will continue to sell shirts and give back to the community. If you are interested in obtaining a shirt, contact Deb Schnettler, director of Alumni Events and SAC coordinator, at (810) 762-9746, or via e-mail at The cost is $10 each plus shipping and handling.

Written by Gary J. Erwin
(810) 762-9538