SAC helps dreams come true for kids

Sep 24, 2004

Members of Kettering's Student Alumni Council (SAC) presented The Children's Dream Center with a $1,000 check Sept. 16 during the grand opening of the Center's Ballenger Highway facility.

Kettering Mechanical Engineering students Stacy Boitnett and Karen Hardy-Bruce, both members of the school's Student Alumni Council (SAC), traveled across town with SAC staff Coordinator Deb Schnettler to hear first hand what this contribution will do for kids in the Flint community. The contribution was made possible by the sale of t-shirts with the phrase "Enginerd: get your precision on" printed on them. Kettering's SAC sold approximately 700 of these t-shirts since January of this year, which raised more than $1,600. Of this amount, the SAC paid off the cost to produce the shirts, banked a small portion to help with leadership development programs for SAC members, and gave the bulk of the profits to The Children's Dream Center on Sept. 16, the day the Center officially opened.

The Children's Dream Center is a Flint-based organization that positively impacts children through programs and activities in education, the performing arts, recreation and community outreach. The Center's philosophy is that a child's dream is colorless and therefore requires all people, no matter what their cultural and ethnic background, to work together in making a child's dream come true. A few of the Center's specific activities include mentoring for teen pregnancy, financial literacy, successful study habits, summer employment programs, Thanksgiving Day food giveaways and a walk-a-thon fundraising event. The Center also conducts numerous other programs designed to help students become successful in life.

Bernard Drew, director of the Center's Collection Connection program, feels that the SAC contribution is a great example of what local colleges and students from those institutions can do to positively impact area youth. "I'm excited that Kettering students haven't lost sight of what it means to make a difference in the lives of kids in our community," he said. He also explained that the College Connection program works to connect the Flint community and prospective students with the 15 colleges and universities in the area, as well as develop activities in which college students can interact with local youth in a positive and inspirational fashion.

During the Center's grand opening ceremony, WJRT-TV 12 filmed the check presentation and interviewed several of the Center's key staff. Additionally, the news team interviewed the Kettering students and ran coverage of the opening day ceremony on the evening news broadcast.

To learn more about The Children's Dream Center, call (810) 233-7141. You may also visit the Center at 1161 North Ballenger, Suite 7, Flint, Mich. For more on Kettering's Student Alumni Council, contact Debra Schnettler, director of Alumni Activities, at (800) 955-4464, ext. 9746, via e-mail at, or visit the SAC website at

Written by Gary J. Erwin
810) 762-9538