Before the Rush

Jul 27, 2004

The Greek community eases into Rush week with some early mix-n-mingles.

In the week leading up to Rush Week, fraternities gave freshmen a taste of Greek Life at Kettering by, well, just being themselves. Rush Week is the period when Fraternities and Sororities recruit new members. The recruitment process is designed to allow chapter members and prospective members to become acquainted with one another through social evetns that take place on and off campus.

 Greek life has played an important role in the college experience at Kettering since the school's beginning. Currently about 30 percent of Kettering students belong to Greek organizations, which include 13 fraternities and six sororities. Scholarship and community service are the cornerstones of the Greek experience. Members are expected to strive for academic excellence and to serve the Flint community by donating time and raising money for a variety of philanthropic causes.