A remembrance for NIU

Feb 15, 2008

The Kettering community is asked to remember the campus community at Northern Illinois University as it deals with tragedy.

To the Kettering Community,
Please take a moment today to remember our colleagues at Northern Illinois University, where an act of violence occurred yesterday.  The national media now reports that six members of the NIU community were killed in Illinois. For those who know someone involved in the incident, please accept the Kettering community’s sincere condolences. Kettering’s Wellness Center is available to talk with students and employees about any feelings of loss you may be having related to this tragedy.

This incident reminds us, once again, that our safety as a community is an inter-connected and shared responsibility. At Kettering, we ask all members of the community to constantly be alert for suspicious situations and to notify Campus Safety officers (at 810-762-9501) when you suspect or hear trouble. Kettering can quickly lock its exterior doors in an emergency and we will use email, voicemail, the website, the intercom speaker system and other means to advise you during an incident. Two police officers from the Flint Police Department patrol this neighborhood on a regular basis and we continue to have conversations with students and employees on the safety issues that concern them. You are always welcome to share your thoughts with any member of the President’s Cabinet on safety issues by contacting them at http://www.kettering.edu/visitors/presidentsoffice/cabinet.jsp
I ask you to remember those at Northern Illinois and request that you stay alert in keeping our campus safe, too.
Stan Liberty