Recognizing service

Mar 6, 2009

Kettering celebrated 875 years of service by faculty and staff at the "You Make A Difference" Service Awards March 4.

Representing 875 years of service to Kettering University, 64 employees were recognized for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 40 and 45 years of service March 4, during Kettering’s “You Make A Difference” Service Awards.

Chemistry Professor Reg Bell was honored for having worked here since President John Kennedy was in the White House (45 years), and John Kirby, senior technician for Chemistry and Biochemistry, was applauded for 40 years of service.

The event was planned and hosted by the Human Resources staff.

The Service Recognition Recipients are:

5 years of service

Sheila Adams, Customer Service & Programs

Diane Alderson, Customer Service & Programs

Joanne Allen, Graduate Studies & Extension Svcs

Cheryl Baryo, Custodial & Grounds

Jerry Beaty, Business Support

Michele Cooper, Customer Service & Programs

Michael Elta, Electrical & Computer Eng

Nancy Ernst, Mathematics

Michael Gallup, Plant Maintenance

Christopher Houle, Custodial & Grounds

TracieJones, Recruit & Admissions

Amy Owens, Academic Affairs & Provost

Rick Parkinson, Custodial & Grounds

Corneliu Rablau, Physics

Patricia Shelley-Blood, Customer Service & Programs

Denise Stodola, Liberal Studies

Diane Williams, Custodial & Grounds

Mary Wright, Custodial & Grounds

10 years of service

Basem Alzahabi, Mechanical Engineering

Patrick Atkinson, Mechanical Engineering

Robert Bendall, Operational Services

Wayne Cole, IT Applications & Systems

Jacqueline El-Sayed, Mechanical Engineering

James Gover, Electrical & Computer Eng

Silvia Jones, Business Support

Dale Karbginsky, IT Operations

Gloria McCarthy, IT Operations

Thomas Murdoch, Plant Maintenance

Bassem Ramadan, Mechanical Engineering

Kimberly Rodden, Business Office

Charles Roy, Campus Safety

Ray Rust, Mechanical Engineering

Michael Schaal, Student Affairs

Todd Steele, Graduate Studies & Extension Svcs

David Vineyard, Computer Science

Catherine Weaver, Marketing Services

Caron Wilson, Academic Services Office

15 years of service

Susan Bolt, Business Office

Tabitha Bourassa, Enrollment Services

Cheryl Cochran, Mathematics

Virginia Hill, Student Affairs

Saroja Kanchi, Computer Science

Brian McCartin, Mathematics

Jeanette McCoy, Business Office

Kevin TeBeest  , Mathematics

20 years of service

Diane Bice, Financial Aid

Kathleen Goodrich, Business Office

Paul Gratsch, Business Office

Petros Ioannatos, Liberal Studies

Terry Love, Wellness Center

Cynthia Seymour, Customer Service & Programs

Mark Thompson, Electrical & Computer Eng

25 years of service

Srinivas Chakravarthy, Indust & Manuf Eng

Lynn Coughlin, Financial Aid

Debra Lengyel, Business Support

Cherng-Tarng Lin, Indust & Manuf Eng

Kevin Kingsbury, Printing Services

Robert Nichols, President's Office

Robert Salajekeh, Mechanical Engineering

Gary Thieme, Physics

Eva White, Student Affairs

Maciej Zgorzelski, Mechanical Engineering

40 years of service

John Kirby, Chemistry/Biochemistry

45 years of service

G. Reginald Bell, Chemistry/Biochemistry