Recognizing excellence

Sep 30, 2005

Kettering University honored three professors with Outstanding Teaching Awards and one receives the Rodes Professorship.

Kettering University's Alumni Association recognized three faculty members with the 2005 Outstanding Teaching Award, and one faculty member was awarded the Rodes Professorship.

The Outstanding Teaching Award is given to professors for their intellectual integrity, inspirational qualities and effectiveness of teaching. Students at the University cast all votes for the award. Recipients receive a $1,000 stipend and a plaque presented to them during a dinner reception.

This year's winners are Basem Alzahabi, of Flint, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering; Regina Greenwood, of Flint, associate professor of Business; and Dan Ludwigsen, of Grand Blanc, assistant professor of Physics.

"I am deeply grateful for the honor that has been bestowed upon me, and I wish to thank all the members of the Alumni Association," said Alzahabi. "I am very honored by the multiple recognitions in teaching excellence and educational research I have received. (Kettering University "Educational Scholar Award" in 2002, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society "Professor of Excellence" in 2004, and GMI/Kettering University Alumni Association "Outstanding Teaching Award" in 2005) "It makes me very humble," he added.

Ludwigsen enjoys interacting with students who have an interest in physics and especially acoustics. "The original reason I pursued a Ph. D. was to be able to teach physics at the college level," he said. "More than that, though," he added, "I am impressed when students move from an initial boredom or apathy to discover that they enjoy something new. The 'uncovering' that is at the heart of deep learning can be painful, but it's always rewarding for both the student and the teacher. Kettering has proved to be such an experience for me."

Having experienced both a small liberal arts college community, and the environment of a large university, Ludwigsen said "Kettering is something different: with its co-op based education and the feel of a polytechnic, I've been exposed to new ways of learning, thinking, and a very pragmatic perspective. I've had great experiences with my faculty colleagues in Applied Physics and, of course, our students. I have learned much about teaching and learning from all of them," he said.

The Rodes Professorship was awarded to Peter Stanchev, of Flint, associate professor of Computer Science.

" I am honored to receive this award and I thank all my colleagues from the Science and Mathematics Department and especially from the Computer Science group, for the chance to exchange a number of scientific ideas," said Stanchev of receiving the Rodes Professorship.

The research projects that helped earn him the honor included defining a technique that improves the effectiveness of the image retrieval process for application areas such as publishing, broadcasting, cultural heritage preservation, healthcare and medicine, biology, and e-learning; techniques for image retrieval, based on high level image semantic features; and creation of an architecture for storage and retrieval system of Kettering video files, allowing semantic high-level retrieval of information through the web.

The Kettering/GMI Alumni Association awards Outstanding Teaching Awards each year. For more information about the awards and guidelines, contact Kettering's Alumni Affairs Office at (888) 884-7741.

Written by Dawn Hibbard