Recent IT enhancements

Apr 7, 2005

The Kettering University Information Technology (IT) Dept. will upgrade two high-end CAD laboratories for the spring 2005 academic term with state-of-the-art computer systems.

The Kettering University Information Technology (IT) Dept. will upgrade two high-end CAD laboratories for the spring 2005 academic term with state-of-the-art computer systems, thus marking another step toward maintaining a state-of-the-art technological campus.

Ed Burger, director of Telecommunications and Desktop Services, noted that Kettering will relocate the Loeffler lab from the Academic Building to the C.S. Mott Engineering and Science Center before the start of the spring term. Once this relocation is complete, the IT Dept. will upgrade the current setup of 37 computers to Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz processors with 1 GB of Ram that run Windows XP. This upgrade will allow the University to run state-of-the-art CAD programs and applications that are currently used in industry, and continue providing students important experiences with these applications, which require high-end machines. The University will use the previous computers to accommodate requests to upgrade other existing computer labs and those used by individuals who do not require the high-end technology that CAD labs need.

"We maintain a list of requests for computers that we review when labs are upgraded and equipment becomes available," Burger said. "This allows us to use those systems that are still considered reliable as replacements for older systems until we bring in new computers for individual users."

In addition, Kettering recently upgraded systems in the Center for Research in Enterprise Collaboration, located in 3-507 of the AB with 15 Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz systems with 1 GB of RAM running Windows XP. Kettering received a donation from Cordys to outfit this lab, which consists of the use of the Cordys Collaborative solutions package for all Kettering students; training support for Kettering faculty for one year; maintenance and support for the product; and free upgrades and corresponding training. The IT Dept. will use the previous lab systems from the Center for Research in Enterprise Collaboration in the Galaxy Lab. IT will also use the Galaxy Lab systems that will be replaced to accommodate requests to upgrade computers in other existing labs or for individual desktops that do not require high-end technology.

These upgrades and relocation of current systems further enhance Kettering's strategic IT plan to develop and make available state-of-the-art computer technology throughout the campus for all students, faculty, staff and corporate research partners. Since one of the core strategies of Kettering's strategic plan includes developing the University as a high-tech campus, upgrades and enhancements such as these will further Kettering's brand of cooperative education and offer students the latest in technology currently used in many U.S. industries.

Jim Hamilton, Kettering's chief information office and vice president of Information Technology, said "it is imperative that Kettering students have the latest technology at their disposal. When we initiated a student IT fee nearly two years ago, we promised students that this fee would support IT equipment targeted at keeping IT resources on the cutting edge. Refreshing the Loeffler lab helps keep Kettering on track with this commitment and achieve our strategic strategy to be recognized as a high-tech campus."

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By Gary J. Erwin
(810) 762-9538