Kettering University launches interactive web site

Nov 26, 2007

Kettering University launches an interactive web site for the University's alumni magazine.

Kettering PerspectiveThe “Kettering Perspective,” a high quality, four-color magazine published by Kettering University and distributed internationally to more than 30,000 readers four times a year, recently launched a new interactive website edition that provides another option for readers and visitors to learn more about the programs, research and other activities associated with the institution. Readers may view this multi-media edition by visiting

Gary Erwin, editor-in-chief of “Kettering Perspective,” said the new interactive edition offers narrated video clips, audio and narrated slide shows of the magazine’s major articles. “Our hope is to continue enhancing the reading experience of all readers by providing different means through which they can examine each issue. The trend in magazine publishing is to deliver content through print and electronic platforms and since Kettering is a technological institution, this makes perfect sense for the University,” he added.

The debut edition features a multi-media show on the summit of Mt. Everest made this past May by Dave Arnett, a 1984 graduate of Kettering. Arnett, who lives in Colorado, is director of Field Applications and Design—In Centers for Intel Americas, where he has worked for the past 23 years. The narrated slide show features a number of high resolution images of Arnett’s trek through Nepal to Mt. Everest, as well as shots of his team’s ascent and descent.

Other stories included on the new interactive magazine website are Dr. Stan Liberty’s column, a feature on the greening of diesel, a story on a pre-college program in sustainable energy and a Class Notes section of alumni news.

A screenshot of the Kettering Perspective interactive websiteDeena Hosmer, web content editor for Kettering’s Public Relations and Communications Office, manages the implementation of the interactive magazine. “I think the Interactive Perspective compliments the print version by using new technology to deliver the magazine in a multimedia format.  I also see it as enhancing Kettering’s high tech and forward thinking image,” she said. 

Erwin said he expects to include additional multi-media content as new opportunities emerge.

“Currently, Kettering also publishes a PDF of each issue available on the Kettering website, but clearly there is an appetite among internet users for interactive content as evidenced by the thousands of readers who visit such sites as, and other news and magazine sites,” he said.

Erwin also noted that the multi-media version of the magazine also provides a new way to saturate Kettering’s various markets. “More importantly, since many prospective students to the school are computer savvy, offering content that might pique their interest in the University is critical to enrollment efforts.

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Written by Gary J. Erwin