Kettering ranked tops

Sep 7, 2001

#1 and holding! Kettering University's Industrial/Manufacturing Programs maintained its #1 ranking in the United States in the new U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges Guide."

Kettering retains #1 ranking in U.S. for Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering

Mechanical Engineering moves into Top 10 with #7 ranking in U.S.

Kettering overall rank moves to #16 in country!!

#1 and holding! Kettering University's Industrial/Manufacturing Programs maintained its #1 ranking in the United States in the new U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges Guide."

Mechanical Engineering moved into the Top 10 this year with a #7 ranking.

And Kettering's overall ranking in the country improved from #21 last year to a tie for #16 in the new ranking, which will be in the Sept. 17 edition of U.S. News & World Report that goes on sale Sept. 10.

"This feels great," said Pete Gheresus, professor and director of Kettering's Industrial Engineering Program. "It's an honor to be nominated by our peers. It feels especially great because it comes from the outside. This means a great deal to us."

"The credit goes to the faculty and staff in our department," he continued. "We have always put our students #1. We treat our students as our peers -- we listen to them." (For the #1 ranking, see:

Overall, Kettering's national ranking moved to #16 in the United States in this year's "America's Best Colleges Guide." (See: )

"You can say a lot about academic rankings but Kettering University's increasing move into the Top 10 in various categories is indicative of the quality work that is ongoing around campus," said Dr. John Lorenz, vice president for Academic Affairs and Provost. "I'm proud of the hard work that these numbers represent."

Kettering's largest academic program " Mechanical Engineering " moved into the country's elite list of engineering programs with a move to #7 in the country. Last year, Kettering was ranked #11 in the country by U.S. News.

"I am extremely proud of this rating and accomplishment," said Dr. Joel Berry, head of the Mechanical Engineering Department. "Being rated in the Top 10 in overall quality is certainly a credit to the hard work of our faculty and staff. We have invested significantly in laboratory upgrades, hired the best faculty with a "zest" for engineering education, and have worked to ensure our curriculum is both relevant and attractive to meet the needs of a changing technologically based global society. Mere  words can't express my enthusiasm and satisfaction for this result. However, being a graduate of GMI myself, I will not be completely satisfied until we are ranked #1 in both size and overall quality." (See:

U.S. News ranks colleges and universities using three basic steps. Schools are categorized primarily by mission, and in some cases, region. U.S. News gathers data from each institution on up to 16 indicators of academic excellence. Colleges in each category are ranked against their peers, based on their composite weighted score. U.S. News publishes the ranks of the top schools; the others are grouped into tiers.

Indicators used to capture academic quality fell into seven categories this year: academic reputation, retention of students, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources, alumni giving, and graduation rate performance. The indicators include input measures that reflect a school's student body, its faculty and its financial resources, and outcome measures that signal how well the institution does educating students.

Most data come from the colleges, although staff members of U.S. News "take pains" to ensure accuracy. This year, 94 percent of the schools returned their surveys.

"At Kettering, we pride ourselves with being closely related to our consumer," Gheresus added. "And we measure our success by the success of our students. We think our students are above the cut. This ranking reinforces what we believe about our efforts."

Written by Patricia Mroczek
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