Kettering offers top return on investment in Michigan

May 10, 2013

Kettering was 49th overall and first in Michigan in's 2013 ROI rankings.

A breakdown of the 2012-13 class at Kettering University.

Former United States Secretary of Education William Bennett asserts in his latest book, Is College Worth It?, that only a small percentage of the 3,500 colleges in the country are worth the cost.

Bennett concluded, using data from, that the ‘return on investment’ makes four-year degrees from just 150 colleges in the country ‘worth it.’

Kettering University is one of those 150 institutions. In his book, Bennett used PayScale’s ROI data from 2012, which ranked Kettering 95th in the country. In just one year since, Kettering has climbed all the way to 49th in the country -- and the top spot among Michigan colleges -- in the recently released 2013 PayScale ROI data.

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