Kettering to impact EIC/EM conference

Aug 19, 2005

Seven from Kettering University will present and chair sessions at the 2005 Electrical Insulation Conference/Electrical Manufacturing Expo (EIC/EM) Oct. 23-26, in Indianapolis.

Kettering University will receive considerable attention during the 2005 Electrical Insulation Conference/Electrical Manufacturing Expo and Conference (EIC/EM) in October. This event provides a world-class technical conference and trade show that brings together the top technical and management experts from the global electrical manufacturing industry. The conference and expo are sponsored by the National Electrical Manufacturing Association (NEMA), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Electrical Manufacturing and Coil Winding Association (EMCWA).

Kettering University will send the following two students and five faculty members to the conference to present papers and chair technical sessions on various topics.

Session: Remaining Competitive in A World of Outsourcing
Session Director: Dr. W.L. Scheller, associate professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Papers: "Remaining Competitive in a World of Outsourcing," Dr. W.L. Scheller; "University-Company Partnerships Key to Resolving Outsourcing of U.S. Jobs," Gary J. Erwin, director of Publications and Communications, and adjunct faculty member of Liberal Studies.

Session: Fuel Cell Applications
Session Director: Dr. Etim Ubong, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering
Papers: "A Modeling Simulation of Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain with Matlab and Simulink," Greg Slota, class of 2002, and Dr. Etim Ubong. This graduate student-faculty team will also present "Modeling a GEM Vehicle Equipped with 2-Nexa Ballard Fuel Cells and Ultra-Capacitators." Mark Thompson, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Joshua Anzicek will present "DC-DC Boost Converter Design for Kettering University's GEM Fuel Cell Vehicle."

Session: Current Transformers
Papers: "Modeling of Capacitive and Electromagnetic Field Shielding Effects in a CVT," Jimmy Bou and Robert Sanchez of Sandia National Laboratories, and Dr. James Gover, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Kettering student William Sommerville of Metamora, Mich. This group will also present "Modeling of Magnetic Field Diffusion Phenomena in a CVT" at this session.

The EMCWA continues to support to students at partner universities. Dr. Mark Thompson, a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Kettering, coordinates Kettering's scholarship program supported by the EMCWA. Last year, the EMCWA was unable to support its scholarship program, but did make a special grant in 2004 of $500 for Kettering's EMCWA lab account to support student activities in areas of interest to the EMCWA. In 2003, the EMCWA provided Kettering $3000 in scholarship support and in 2002 $16,000. Click on this link to learn more about this conference and the EMCWA.

To read a story on outsourcing in the electrical and electronics manufacturing industry, click on this link.

Written by Gary Erwin
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