Kettering to host research colloquium series

Apr 28, 2006

Kettering University's Liberal Studies Dept. will host the second Research Colloquium Series from April 25 through Oct. 24 in the Humanities Art Center on the campus of Kettering University.

This series, sponsored by the Liberal Studies Dept., features 15 interactive presentations in such disciplines as sociology, history, rhetoric and composition, literature, economics, and leadership studies. Kettering faculty will present their latest and on-going research work. All lectures begin at 12:20 p.m. and end by 1:20. Each lecture will be followed by a question-and-answer session.

Dr. James Hoopes, Kettering's Thompson Chair of Leadership Studies, will deliver the first lecture April 25. His discussion is titled "Is Social Justice Possible in a Wal-Mart World?"

Dr. Badrinath Rao, assistant professor of Liberal Studies, serves as the coordinator of this series. He said that the goals of this colloquium series include "providing Liberal Studies faculty an opportunity to share their research with colleagues (and, hopefully, benefit from useful discussions that follow), publicize in the wider university community the work undertaken by faculty in the department, and to provide an opportunity to the campus community to engage in scholarly debates on a number of social science and humanities topics."

Lectures will take place according to the following schedule:

May 9: Dr. Ezekiel Gebissa - "A Scourge of Life or an Economic Lifeline?: The Dilemma of Producing and Consuming Khat (catha edulis) in Ethiopia";

May 23: Dr. Dave Golz - "Shakespeare's Anagrams: Shuffling Acted and Alphabetical Characters on the Renaissance Stage";

June 6: Dr. Badrinath Rao - "Social Justice and the Rule of Law in India";

July 18: Dr. Benjamin Redekop - "On Commonsense";

July 25: Dr. Laura Miller-Purrenhage - "Trauma and Literature: How World War II Changed a Poet";

Aug. 1: Dr. Mark Gellis - "Autobiographical Writing in the Technical Communication Class";

Aug. 15: Dr. Michael Callahan - "Combating Evil: The League of Nations and the First War on Terrorism";

Aug. 22: Dr. Luchen Li - "Cultural Challenges for Leaders in Transnational Situations";

Aug. 29: Dr. Corine Coniglio - TBA;

Sept. 5: Dr. Lindal Buchanan - "Regendering Delivery: Integrating Research into the Communications Classroom";

Sept. 12: Dr. Benaiah Yongo-Bure - "Economics and African Development";

Oct. 10: Dr. Eugene Hynes - "Sense and Nonsense in 19th Century Irish Catholicism";

Oct. 17: Dr. Petros Ioannatos - "The Effects of Economic Integration on the Inflow of FDI: A Case Study"; and

Oct. 24: Dr. Denise Stodola - "The 'Haunted House' Motif as Metaphor".

Light refreshments will be available during each session. Admission is free and everyone is welcome to attend. For more information, contact Dr. Badrinath Rao at ext. 7810.