IT Resources

Aug 12, 2004

New resources helps students restore older file versions.

The Kettering IT Dept. reports that students can now restore older version of files stored in their network home "S:\" drive from the PC Labs. Using a system called Shadow Copies, users may view and restore older versions of files and folders, including deleted files.

Shadow copies are created on the Student Storage Server at 7 a.m. each day. At this time, the system checks to see which parts of a file have changed since the last shadow copy. It saves these changes, not the entire file, and keeps track of when the copy was made. As more shadow copies are made and the storage allocated for this purpose fills up, the system automatically purges older copies. This information provides the ability to recreate the file as it existed at any of those moments in time.

Students may access the new Shadows Copies feature via XP lab computers. Users access Shadow Copies with Windows Explorer and by selecting one of three options: View, Copy, or Restore. Users may find these on the newly installed Previous Versions tab. Detailed help sheets are available under help sheets at:

For more information, contact the Kettering University IT Help Desk at ext. 8324 or via email at